Types of corticosteroids for dogs

Side effects are minimized by taking the lowest doses possible (that still yields positive results) and following doctor's orders. It is important to avoid self-regulation of the dosage, either by adding more or stopping the drug without a schedule. After prolonged use, steroids must be gradually reduced to permit the adrenal glands to resume natural cortisol production. Eliminating doses too quickly can result in glucocorticoid withdrawal symptoms, worsening of underlying inflammatory disease (rebound effect), or rarely, adrenal crisis (a life-threatening state caused by insufficient levels of adrenal steroids).


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Types of corticosteroids for dogs

types of corticosteroids for dogs


types of corticosteroids for dogstypes of corticosteroids for dogstypes of corticosteroids for dogstypes of corticosteroids for dogstypes of corticosteroids for dogs