Turboliner airplane

I was working in the shop when that Pinto, early in it's short life, came through Volpar for a short moment. Smolinski moved on the Goleta before the thing came apart.
Volpar lost half of management in Ensenada when Thrifty-Mart's Turboliner stovepiped after I went back to collage. That left Mr, Nixon to sell Turboliners to Air-America:(
Volpar's owner (Secretary, OX5 Club) sold me their testbed Falcon-20 (cn58) for $200 in 1994, it cost me almost $3k to get it home, I think most of the luckier Ford Pintos were still going in 1994. Gad, what a great pipe dream; a FLYing Car !

We’ll compare to an average oil-fired power plant that also uses liquid petrocarbons. I’ve got a 37% efficiency figure there. I believe distribution losses on the US grid are around 5%. So per gallon of gasoline, we get 42MJ/gallon. There is some difference in fuel types, but I think it’s negligible for these purposes. Let’s compare to a Tesla – which is arguably a bit unfair, as a Tesla grossly outperforms the equivalent 32 mpg ICE car, though it does have similar range. We’ll look at the Model S *85* series, which has an 85kWh battery pack (306MJ). This consumes gallons of oil at the power plant to charge. The EPA 5-cycle range (which results in worse numbers than the 2-cycle test above, in part by turning on heaters and air conditioning) results in a range of 253 miles on ludicrous mode. This puts you at 35 mpg, still better than an everyday ICE mpg, for really the worst case comparison – a Tesla on ludicrous mode, using only one of the least efficient fuels that constitute a small portion of the grid, compared to an everyday sedan.

Turboliner airplane

turboliner airplane


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