I think a better was focusing to "home" airplanes - Hawker Hart/Fury (especially in quarter scale), Hampden (both scale - 1/48 and 1/72), Skua, Roc etc. etc...and modern aircraft and helicopters (Hind).... I think very possible is B-29 ("Fix" have old mould - too with iconic boxart, and later flying in UK as Washington) and very interested are( IMHO ) soviet aircrafts.... (Many kits on market are short run...)... MIG 19 "Farmer" was good choice, Yak-1 and 9, Pe-2, Il-4 (This is really beautiful aircraft, and only kit on market was ancient and ugly Zvezda kit. Revell make in history a Il-4 from VEB Plasticard, but he never re-released in last two decades....) Oh, and Lysander or U-2 (US Spyplane, not Kukuruznik) was too welcomed choice.... And natural Victor and Vulcan - both new tool.... Yes, B-17 is very popular but in small scale we have enough B-17 and B-24. (My little dream was B-32 "Dominator" - this was a four Musketeer, used in combat and was big and bad and beauty....) But Fortress was a potential hit.... for long time. Every know B-17...