Steroid responsive ild

I also developed Steroid Psychosis after taking 10mg per day. I have Ulcerative Colitis. I was on Prednisone a total of 9 days before I took myself off of it. I was delusional, paranoid and delirious. I also had extreme sweating, severe insomnia and developed reddish-purple bruising all over the back of both my thighs. I ended up in a psychiatric hospital on day 11, where I was admitted for 3 weeks. They had to treat me with Anti-Psychotics and Depakote to pull me out of it. This was the most horrifying experience I've ever gone through. On all of my medical charts it now states that I am highly allergic to steroids. May God Bless anyone who has ever gone through this horror.

Hereditary non-polyposis colon cancer ([HNPCC], Lynch syndrome) is one of the most common cancer predisposition syndromes affecting 1 in 200 individuals and accounting for 13 to 15 % of all colon cancer.  HNPCC is defined clinically by early-onset colon carcinoma and by the presence of other cancers such as endometrial, gastric, urinary tract and ovarian found in at least 3 first-degree relatives.  Two genes have been identified as being primary responsible for this syndrome: hMLH1 at chromosome band 3p21 accounts for 30 % of HNPCC2,3 and hMLH2 or FCC at chromosome band 2p22 which together with hMLH1 accounts for 90 % of HNPCC.

Steroid responsive ild

steroid responsive ild


steroid responsive ildsteroid responsive ild