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Ricoh's Theta and others, spherical panorama cameras became readily available, and by using VR viewer everyone can enjoy full spherical stereoscopic images with immersive feeling. Unfortunately, even if you view same image on the left and right with the VR viewer, you will not get a stereoscopic effect. You need two equirectangular images shot at the same distance from the subjects, called "cha-cha shot" for decent stereoscopic effects. In case of twin spherical shots on THETA for 3D360 photo, special image processing is required for the geometrical alignment, which is different from regular non spherical 3D images such as; 1) No cropping allowed in the equirectangular images and the deformation have to be kept within the equirectangular shape. 2) Pseudo stereoscopic parts exist in parts of the equirectangular pair have to be swapped for decent stereo. This i3DSteroid360 APP is for 3D360 equirectangular alignment and VR viewing application. - Stop sleep mode during VR viewing. - Add L/R image swap in VR viewing mode. - Improve auto-alignment. - Change VR Icon. Added VR image size option for big screen.

Wow. I’ve been treated for adrenal issues for a few years by a naturopath, but I am still ticking 8 out of 10 of these symptoms. This is a really helpful list – to see these symptoms all listed together made so much sense to me! Particularly the waking up feeling tired – no one has ever mentioned this as a symptom of anything except “you don’t have good quality sleep”. Thank you! I’m just about to start the self healing part of the the book…looking forward to determining my prescription. And a little bit scared of it too, to be honest!

Steroid apk

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