New anabolic halo label

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The new “E-is-for-everybody” edition almost looks like a different gadget. The dark glossy face has been replaced with a frosted white situation that’s designed to blend in with your home. The formerly silver ring around the edge is also white now, and all the colors are nice and soft, almost like pastels. You’re supposed to notice a big difference in how the new thermostat displays information. The front glass has a matte film on the inside, so that the digital display doesn’t look so much like a computer screen. In the words of Nest’s head designer Sung Bai, it feels “like watercolor.” When the display is off, the Nest Thermostat E is just a white dot on the wall.

New anabolic halo label

new anabolic halo label


new anabolic halo labelnew anabolic halo labelnew anabolic halo labelnew anabolic halo labelnew anabolic halo label