Listland steroids

Testred – Methyltestosterone
Testred Cyp – Test Cypionate
Testrin-PA – Test Enanthate
T. Farmitalia – Nolvadex
T. Fermenta – Nolvadex
T. Heumann – Nolvadex
Thevier – L-Thyroxine
T. Hexal – Nolvadex
Tiromel – Cytomel
Tironina – Cytomel
Ti-Tre – Cytomel
Thybon forte – Cytomel
Thyrax – L-Thyroxine
Thyrex – L-Thyroxine
Thyro 4 – L-Thyroxine
Thyro Hormone – L-Thyroxine
Thyrotardin – L-Thyroxine
Thyroxin – L-Thyroxine
Thyroxin-natrium – L-Thyroxine
Tiroxino leo – L-Thyroxine
T. Jenapharm – Test Propionate
T. Lachema – Nolvadex
T. lingvalete – Methyltestosterone
Tokormon – Clomid
T. Onkolan – Nolvadex
T. Pan Medica – Nolvadex
T. Pharbita – Nolvadex
– Test Propionate
. Eifel fango – Test Propionate
T. propionicum – Test Propionate
T. Ratiopharm – Nolvadex
Trijodthyronin – Cytomel
Trijod. Sanabo – Cytomel
Trijodthyr. 50 – Cytomel
Trijodthyr. Leo – Cytomel
Trinergic – Dianabol
Triolandren – Test Propionate
T. Streuli – Test Propionate
T. Sopharma – Nolvadex
Turinabol. Depot – Deca-Durabolin
T. Vitis – Test Propionate
T. Wassermann – Nolvadex
Ultandren – Halotestin
Undestor – Andriol
Vasoprome – Oxandrolone
Vebonol – Equipose
Ventipulmin – Clenbuterol
Ventolase – Clenbuterol
Virigen – Andriol
Virilon – Methyltestosterone
Virormone – Test Propionate
Zemide – Nolvadex
Ziremilon – Deca-Durabolin
Zitazonium – Nolvadex

Not shortly after Roger Maris record was broken, another baseball player, Jason Giambi and various other athletes were either suspected of, or proven to have, taken anabolic steroids. Again, Congress convened a hearing, and just as they did the first time in 1990, they did not determine that steroids were a danger, but rather that the danger was more in protecting professional sports organizations. The updated statute has been updated to proscribe pro-hormones also The definition of an anabolic steroid as defined currently in the United States under (41)(A) is that "anabolic steroid" means any drug or hormonal substance, chemically and pharmacologically related to testosterone (other than estrogens , progestins, corticosteroids, and dehydroepiandrosterone (7).

Listland steroids

listland steroids


listland steroidslistland steroids