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You can buy tickets for any rail service at the station or the rail ticket desk in the Onward Travel area in South Terminal. Some airlines sell Gatwick Express tickets on-board, so you can skip the queues once you arrive. You can also buy Gatwick Express tickets from the Moneycorp bureaux and Airport Concierge desks across the airport, as well as Gatwick Connects desks in the baggage reclaim halls.

You can skip the queues by paying for your rail travel with by Oyster or Contactless card by tapping in at the station, with fares from as low as £8 in off-peak periods. You can buy Oyster cards from the station or from the Transport for London desks in both terminals. 

A Transfer card, used in more advanced variants, allows a player to "split" a line by branching off a sequence of a differing color, beginning from a card of which the player holds a card of the same number in a different color. For instance, with the Magenta line open, a player may not have a playable Magenta card, but DOES have an Orange 5 and a Transfer card, and the Magenta 5 has been played. The player plays the Transfer card next to the Magenta 5, then plays the Orange 5 on the other side. Orange cards 4 to 1 can now be played off of the 5 heading away from the station. Any cards that would normally lie between the Station and the number at which the Transfer was played, as well as anything to the other side of the Station, cannot be played until the Station is played.

How to take tren

how to take tren


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