Frenulum breve steroid cream

I'm 25 and have struggled with phimosis for most of my life. I had never been able to see my glans before as they were always covered. During an erection I still could not get them exposed and wearing a condom was just so painful so yes, still a virgin at 25.
Recently I went to the doctor and got circumcised to correct this. Its been 3 days now, still have the stitches there and the pain is ok (except for the occassional erection). My main problem is the glans..they are super sensitive,even passing a cloth there sends me to hell and back. And they are bright red in colour and swollen. How can I desensitize them?

There are many ways a penis, or foreskin, can look, and not necessarily one way they "should" look. As long as there is no pain associated with your foreskin not retracting all the way, it's probably just one more thing to appreciate about  your anatomy's uniqueness. But let's explore a little further: The frenulum (Latin for "little bowstring") is a small strip of skin that joins the glans (the head of the penis) to the foreskin. It is often likened to the joining ridge under the tongue. Many men find that the frenulum is very sensitive and its stimulation can be erotic and arousing. Most often when the penis is erect, the frenulum allows the foreskin to retract completely and freely. However, if the frenulum is short, referred to, as you put in your question, as "frenulum breve," it can pull on the foreskin and cause it to slide forward. This pulling can be painful, especially during ejaculation, masturbation, and during intercourse, when the frenulum can actually tear and bleed.

Frenulum breve steroid cream

frenulum breve steroid cream


frenulum breve steroid creamfrenulum breve steroid cream