East german zfk

Relatively small sized, light weight, high velocity military service cartridges like the ×39mm allow a soldier to carry more ammunition for the same weight compared to their larger and heavier predecessor cartridges, have favourable maximum point-blank range or "battle zero" characteristics and produce relatively low bolt thrust and free recoil impulse, favouring light weight arms design and automatic fire accuracy. [30] Tests measured the free recoil energy delivered by the ×39mm AK-74 rifle at  J ( ft·lb), compared to  J ( ft·lb) delivered by the ×39mm in the AKM. [31]

All around PO 4x17 is the most useful and versatile optic of the three. It is very lightweight, has a highly effective reticule and can be mounted on almost any rifle because of it's picatinny clamp. To me this is a must have optic for the AK74 or 223 / AK101 owner. Kashtan is highly collectible and a very fine optic indeed, but for the average shooter PO 4x17 will be the better choice

East german zfk

east german zfk


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