East german walther pp

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The Walther PPK is a blowback-operated pistol with a fixed barrel, usually of all-steel construction. A few aluminum-framed PP pistols were built in Germany before the war, and stainless steel versions has been manufactured in the USA under Walther’s licence since the mid-1980s. The trigger is double-action, with an exposed hammer and a frame-mounted manual safety/decocker; Sights are fixed, with the rear sight blade dovetailed into the slide. Magazines are single-stack; the magazine release button is usually located at the left side of the frame, just below the slide and in front of the grip panel. Walther PPK pistols are fitted with a loaded chamber indicator, made in the form of a small pin that protrudes from the rear of the slide (above the hammer) when a cartridge is in the chamber. This indicator is not present on .22LR models.

Note, the K does indeed stand for Kriminal , however, this term needs some fleshing out. It is referred to as Kriminal not because of any preferred usage of smaller guns by Criminals, but because this is the gun issued to the Criminal division ( Kriminalpolizei ), . the people who investigate crimes, which would be termed 'Detectives Division' in most . police forces. Just like most patrolmen in the USA carried a 4 inch revolver at the time, and the Detectives often carried a snub nose revolver suitable for concealed carry (Colt specifically calling theirs the Detective Special ) so too did the investigative branch of the German Police desire to carry a smaller version of the full sized patrolman's duty weapon.

East german walther pp

east german walther pp


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