East german officer hat

My experience happened in South Webster Ohio In around 1970,my mother,father and I, where on our way to church,when off to the side of the road we noticed a craft floating about 100 feet or so up in the air,my mom ask my dad, what is that?My dad, said I don/t know,and we pulled over to the side of the road,I remember we sat there looking up at craft was shaped like a airplane,but we could see right through it and I could see figures of something or someone moving around in it,I don’t know how long we where sitting there but,it seemed like only a few minutes,and then my dad,said we had better go or we will be we left,the strange thing about it is,no one ever mentioned it again,until years ask my mom if she remembered it and she said I was crazy,but I know what I dad did not remember any of it either,I always felt as if we where there longer than we thought we where and that,there was things I couldn’t remember,but to this day I still can’t remember anymore than that>

Since before World War I German and Austrian mountain troops had worn a visored "ski cap" with turn-down ear flaps secured in front by two buttons. A version of this cap with longer visor, false turn-down, and slightly lower crown in olive cotton twill had been issued with the tropical uniform. In 1943 a similar cap in field-grey wool with a visor intermediate in length between the mountain and tropical versions was issued to all troops for field wear only; it quickly became the most commonly-seen soft headgear at the front. Insignia was similar to that of the side-cap, although the eagle and cockade were both worn above the turn-up. A black version was issued to Panzer crewmen.

East german officer hat

east german officer hat


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