East german motorcycle

After the political changes in East Germany in 1989 a number of attempts to modernise the assembly lines failed. This included commercial production of Makarov PM pistols, which the factory had previously manufactured under the Ernst Thälmann name for East German military and police use. Less than 1,000 commercial Makarovs were produced under the Simson name before the project was shelved.[7] Several investors tried unsuccessfully to keep production going and to bring new developments on market, but production finally ceased in autumn 2002. On February 1, 2003, bankruptcy proceedings were held, in the wake of which the remaining 90 employees were made redundant without any form of compensation.

So the link just below is a photo with a banner that reads Merkel = Hitler or some such something or another. Clearly some have discontent for Germany. What I'm trying to figure out is whether or not the collapse of the Euro and the EU will lead to war or to something different. What are the sides? Just like people here in the states have everything all wrong. There is no "fixing" the current situation. The current situation can't be sustained. The dollar is dead, just like the Euro. What the chaos looks like when this becomes clear to everyone is what I'm interested in considering.

Am in the market for a light sport tourer next year and, coincidentally, these are the two finalists. (Leftover 16 SDGT for probably $15k and leftover 17 N1K for $10k) Leftover because neither of these bikes sell for a shit in America. Going to their respective forums is hilarious. No real complaints on the N1K and SD-GT failures/recalls/people giving up and selling galore. I own 16 Tuono so I know forums with people bitching about broken shit. (See: 11-15 Tuonos and the ASSLOADS of problems they had. So I know about bitching but those SD-GT forums take the cake.) Heart says SD-GT head says N1K. Plenty of time still to decide.

East german motorcycle

east german motorcycle


east german motorcycleeast german motorcycleeast german motorcycleeast german motorcycleeast german motorcycle