East german cities

Many Germans have begun to modify their eating habits to lower their calorie and cholesterol intake. Since the unification of East and West Germany in the 1990s, the government has faced the challenge of bringing the living conditions in the former East Germany up to the standard found in the former West Germany. Upgrading housing, schools, and utilities will continue after 2001. Despite unequal living conditions, Germans in all parts of the country are well nourished. In fact, most German children have enough to eat.

Volker Beck, a Green party member of Bundestag and head of its German-Israeli Parliamentary Friendship Group, initiated the publication of the figures through an official request to the government. However, he told Die Welt , "the dark figure” [the actual or unreported figure behind a statistic — Editor's note] is "to be feared, and is probably much higher." Beck, along with various non-governmental organizations, has long been calling for an anti-Semitism commissioner to serve directly in the Federal Chancellery. In June, however, the federal government made it clear that a decision on such a representative would no longer come before the upcoming Bundestag elections. But the demand is likely to come up again after September 24.

Old Jules, the WW1 reply posters are correct. Germany won decisively by 1916. That’s why we had to enter–the Germans almost ruined the party by proposing a peace treaty. Not one shot was fired on German soil all that time. Furthermore the war was planned by central bankers in the 1890’s to take down the four Empires. Did you know that the traitor William Wiseman was head of British Intelligence, and the traitor Max Warburg was head of German Intelligence, and they were friends all along? And Max’s brother Paul wrote the charter for the Fed? That the IRS was hatched at the same time to rip us off for the Fed slush fund?

East german cities

east german cities


east german citieseast german citieseast german citieseast german citieseast german cities