D-pol vs anabolic freak

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Bloody good questions there, firstly I'm not supplementing with fish oils, the only omega 3 I consume comes from the cans of tuna or salmon I eat through out the day, which leads into question two, my current diet. When it comes to BB and diet I by no means have what you would call a clean diet, but I would also say its not a junk diet, oats and protien shake every morning, brown rice with chicken or tuna or salmon mid morning, meal replacement shake between that meal and lunch, lunch is the same as mid morning meal with an apple and/or a banana, second meal replacement shake between lunch and workout, post workout protein shake with some scambled eggs or bowl of oats, I have no controll over my dinner, if I was to question what was been served or try to make a special request I would no doubt end up wearing it.

D-pol vs anabolic freak

d-pol vs anabolic freak