Corticosteroiden werking

At the announcement of the death of Peroz, the Iranian nobles of Persian Armenia became eager to go to Ctesiphon to elect a new sovereign. This allowed the Armenians under Vahan Mamikonian to liberate Armenia from the Sasanians. Given the situation of the weakness in Persia, Balash did not send an army to fight the rebels, which forced him to conclude peace with the Armenians. The conditions of the peace were: all existing fire-altars in Armenia should be destroyed and no new ones should be constructed; [4] Christians in Armenia should have freedom of worship and conversions to Zoroastrianism should be stopped: [4] land should not be allotted to people who convert to Zoroastrianism; the Persian King should, in person, administer Armenia and through the aid of Governors or deputies. [4]

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Corticosteroiden werking

corticosteroiden werking


corticosteroiden werkingcorticosteroiden werkingcorticosteroiden werkingcorticosteroiden werkingcorticosteroiden werking