Cheerleader refuses to take steroids

Rachel has made it to the Final Three in the interview process for the new Assistant Coach position. She has been invited to Coach Lake's place, at short notice, for a further personal assessment and explanation of his disciplinary procedures. He explains that corporal punishment style discipline such as hand spankings, strappings and more, can be used, depending on the type and severity of infraction the girls may make. Of course, being that this is Coach Lake, he insists that Rachel takes the various and most popular methods he uses, including a few implements as a test. After all, she will have to deliver this type of punishment to the girls if needed. Rachel takes an OTK spanking, it's a little humiliating and reminds her of when she was a naughty girl at home. he ups the tempo and explains bare bottom spankings can also be administered! For more serious offenses, she discovers what the leather Reformatory Strap feels like as each swat, which he follows through with, really hurt a lot. By now her attention is focused on the heavy thick cane that he is brandishing in front of her. Rachel's bare bottom is already throbbing and reddening from the spanking and strapping as he explains this is the ultimate deterrent for any girl. She feels what it is like to receive hard measured cane strokes from Coach Lake and this certainly grabs her attention! She is pleased that she made it through this practical interview and hopes her resilience will help her get the job she really wants! Join now!

In " Company Man ", Claire and her family are held captive by Sprague and Parkman. After Mr. Bennet tries and fails to save the family, Claire and her father convince Matt to shoot her to get Sprague's trust. She attempts to free her family after she regenerates, but is captured by Sprague in the attempt. After Sprague is shot and his radiation powers go violently out of control, Claire uses her regenerative powers to get close enough to tranquilize him. However, Claire is seen healing from severe radiation burns by one of Mr. Bennet's superiors, who insists that Claire be turned over to their employers. In the end, Claire is given to the Haitian, who is to keep her safe from Bennet's company.

Cheerleader refuses to take steroids

cheerleader refuses to take steroids


cheerleader refuses to take steroidscheerleader refuses to take steroidscheerleader refuses to take steroidscheerleader refuses to take steroidscheerleader refuses to take steroids