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But if you’re more progressive, you might ask – exactly how miserable do you have to be before you stop working? Should people with broken legs literally drag themselves on all fours to their workplace, just because it’s not physically impossible? I know that “I refuse to do this job because it’s too undignified for me, let me go on the public dole” doesn’t really win you a lot of social credit. But maybe conservatives could find it in their heart to be sympathetic to our hypothetical West Virginia factory worker with a bad back, who’s proud of having worked his whole life, but who feels like having to pivot at age 53 to changing diapers in nursing homes for minimum wage isn’t his cup of tea?

Brain size variation within humans is surprisingly large . Just within a sample of 46 adult European-American men, it ranged from 1050 to 1500 cm^3m; there are further differences by race and gender. The difference from the largest to smallest brain is about the same as the difference between the smallest brain and a chimp (275 – 500 cm^3); since chimps weight a bit less than humans, we should probably give them some bonus points. Overall, using brain size as some kind of very weak Fermi calculation proxy measure for intelligence (see here ), it looks like maybe the difference between Einstein and the village idiot equals the difference between the idiot and the chimp?

Cerastes steroids

cerastes steroids