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Here's another SR101 reader who experienced a problem from this product. SR101 Reader says: I am a true believer in Downy , and have used it for over 35 years, never had allergic reactions.

Then I bought the "Unstoppable" The only thing it did not stop was the body rash and hives.

I bought this in February and have had a rash/hives since. The Dr. even did a biopsy of the hives and it was determined that I had a severe allergic reactions.

I had to go on Prednisone for a month and every medication you can think of we tried. FINALLY, in June when I was washing my sheets and getting ready to "over use" as I always put a lot because I loved the smell, as I was holding the container, it suddenly dawned on me, THAT was the CULPRIT

I immediately went online and typed in "Unstoppable and rash"...yep...there it was black and white. All these reviews about people getting rashes and hives because of the product.

Not knocking the product but very dangerous for people with sensitive skin. Taylor says: I couldn't agree with you more!

It may be a product that lots of people love. Even you admit you loved the scent, but for those of us with sensitive skin or other allergy problems, it sure does seem to be something that really triggers our allergies.

If any other readers have experienced similar problems with Downy Unstopables causing rash and/or hives, please share your experiences here . I'd love to hear from you. Related Links At Stain Removal 101 Laundry Supplies Reviews & Information

Laundry Detergent Allergy Symptoms & The Cure

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Capped shoulders steroids

capped shoulders steroids


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