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Cyclosporine has been used by veterinary ophthalmologists in the treatment of Pannus for 12 years now. A 1%, % or 2% solution is most often used, and was prepared in an oil base-usually olive, corn or vegetable oil. About five years ago a % cyclosporine ophthalmic ointment called Optimmune (Schering Plough) became available to all veterinary practitioners for the treatment of another eye disorder- keratoconjunctivitis sicca or day eye – where it is quite effective. In pannus cases, however, I find the % ointment produces less success than the 1% solution. With treatment, the active vascularization and granulation tissue often resolves, but the scarring and pigmentation may improve somewhat slowly or not at all.

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Animal steroids bodybuilding

animal steroids bodybuilding


animal steroids bodybuildinganimal steroids bodybuildinganimal steroids bodybuildinganimal steroids bodybuildinganimal steroids bodybuilding