Anabolisten steroidien osto

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One must bear in mind that in order to attain the stamina of 500mg of Tren, the equal in strength if Testosterone were to be used would be 2,500 mg of Testosterone. To ascertain the toughness of 100mg of Trenbolone through Testosterone, 500mg of Testosterone would certainly have to be used. This can not be duplicated sufficient when it involves Trenbolone dosages. Trenbolone being 5 times the strength of Testosterone is a prime determining variable right here, as shown by the following listing of equivalent doses and also their toughness:.

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Anabolisten steroidien osto

anabolisten steroidien osto


anabolisten steroidien ostoanabolisten steroidien ostoanabolisten steroidien ostoanabolisten steroidien ostoanabolisten steroidien osto