Anabolic outlaws swole

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Tr3st in its dermal application form of Tr3st, I love dermal applications of products – wherever possible ill opt for that over pills for so many reasons whether it be a “caveman hunch” or anecdotal reports I can be sure, but I just feel that dermal application results in a better steady release in the blood stream, its easier on the liver, and your not having stomach acids and enzymes busting up the compound. In fact the human skin apparently is full of hormones and often times dermal applications of compounds result is slight chemical changes that at least in the case of DHEA result in a more anabolic compound that hits the blood stream due to this “skin conversion process”. Now don’t quote me on that one – in fact never quote me I’m not qualified! But I have found some articles to support this theory and I can speak from experience at having a better time rubbing compounds on then popping pills. I always apply to the lower half of my body and I always do it before bed where clothing will cover the entire area that has just been applied to, the reason why is that it can transfer to your partner quite easily and if you’ve ever had a GF with a little bit of anabolic tr3st running in her veins LOOK OUT omg the rage over not taking the bin out, good lawd. Be sure to wash your hands throughly too, in fact I would use some plastic gloves if you have the good sense of mind, sounds like a hassle but its really not that bad and if you have children you really don’t want this transferring through hand contact.

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Anabolic outlaws swole

anabolic outlaws swole