All professional athletes use steroids

During his college days and beyond, John found his niche in the sport of open water swimming. Aside from working for 10 years on the Atlantic City Beach Patrol, making numerous rescues, and winning numerous lifeguard races, he also had amazing success at the National and International levels. John was a 5-time US National champion in distances ranging from 10K up to 25K. He was a 7-time National team member and has competed at a wide variety of races including Nationals, Olympic trials, Pan Ams, Pan Pacs, World Cups, and World Championships. He has been competing at local open water races since 1990, attended his first Open Water Nationals in 1997, and most recently represented the USA in the 25K at World Championships in 2008. There were many swimmers out there with more raw speed in the pool, but very few could match his experience, endurance, tactics, and innate sense of finding the fastest, most efficient way to finish an open water race. From short races to marathons, flat lake swims to rough ocean or turbulent river swims, John Kenny is the most experienced open water swimmer in the United States, if not the world. Other coaches in the triathlon realm claiming to be "open water experts" do not come close.

The APFA, by 1922 known as the National Football League , has remained the predominant professional football league in the United States, and, effectively, the entire world. The evolution from a haphazard collection of teams in big and small cities to the much more rigid structure it is in the present was gradual; the smaller markets were squeezed out in the late 1920s and early 1930s, a championship game was established in 1933, a draft was established in 1936, and schedules were standardized in the 1930s. A competing league has historically arisen to attempt to challenge the NFL's dominance every 10 to 15 years, but none managed to maintain long-term operations independent of the NFL and only two—the All-America Football Conference of the late 1940s and the American Football League of the 1960s—were strong enough to successfully compete against the league before the NFL subsumed their operations. Minor league football, although their leagues' memberships were unstable, began to arise in the late 1930s and remained viable as a business model up into the 1970s.

Southern Oregon Spartans - Assistant Coach

The Southern Oregon Spartans are a proud member of the Western States Hockey League based out of Medford, Oregon. The WSHL is a junior A, tier 2 sanctioned hockey league that has a great reputation on advancing junior hockey players to the collegiate and/or professional level.

The Southern Oregon Spartans currently have a job opening for an assistant coach for the upcoming 2017-2018 season. Below are the following expectations for this job title:

Recruit quality players that could compete at the junior A level that were born anywhere from 1997-2001
Attend all practices, games, and meetings
Assist in team travel and booking
Assist with video breakdown, game preparation and team management
Assist with player development and advancement
Participation in team functions
Must be able to travel with teams to away games
Assist in off ice work training

The job pays a monthly salary of $1400 as well as all travel and lodging expenses related to team functions.

If interested please email owner John Hanson at hanson4@ or head coach Denis Creighton at denis@

Posted on 11/03/2017

All professional athletes use steroids

all professional athletes use steroids


all professional athletes use steroidsall professional athletes use steroidsall professional athletes use steroidsall professional athletes use steroidsall professional athletes use steroids